History of the Fair

And where did it all start?

In 1981, the Meadows Sporting Recreation & Social Club was formed by the four sporting clubs in Meadows, with its main objective to promote and develop junior sports in the district and provide premium sporting facilities. The first step was to build new clubrooms and change rooms and as a result of many thousands of hours of volunteer labour and fundraising, a two-storey sporting complex was completed and opened in September 1982, the pride of the district and hub of sport in the town. It was then decided to celebrate the complex’s 1st birthday in 1983 with a local country fair, which approximately 500 people attended. Farmers Union sponsored a $50 trophy for a local hand milking competition (locals could bring their own cow and milk it). Well, now it’s history.

In 1984, a small country fair sub-committee was put in place and the day was moved to the 3rd Sunday in October and the famous Udder Tug was born with many sponsors coming on board. Approximately 4,000 people attended this family day out in the country of non-stop entertainment with a country flair.

2018 saw record crowds of more than 12,000 people attend in ideal weather conditions to enjoy this unique country experience.

In 2021 the Meadows Country Fair was unable to go ahead due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which saw events across the State cancelled. Instead a small, community based event was planned in its place. While no where near the size of the Meadows Country Fair, it was an valuable way to keep our community connected during these times and was a great way to keep momentum ahead of the return of the Meadows Country Fair in 2022.

Well, as we continue to move onwards, the big thing that has changed is that it’s getting bigger. The rest is the same – it’s still a great fun, good value family day and yes, the Udder Tug is alive and well. The local businesses and community continue to sponsor and support the event, so why not come along and be part of this significant community event in beautiful Battunga Country.