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38th EVENT
Meadows Country Fair- Sunday 18th October 2020


This year’s Meadows Country Fair will include:

  • market stalls, produce/craft
  • live entertainment for adults and children
  • children’s events/ activities and games
  • food outlets
  • Farmers Alley – showcasing the regions quality food and premium wine
  • farming exhibits, expert advice and demonstrations
  • amusements and rides
  • animal expo and education
  • the Udder Tug professional and celebrity hand milking competitions.



WHAT:      Meadows Country Fair

 WHEN:      Sunday 18 October 2020 , 9am-4.30pm

 WHERE:    Meadows Oval, Mawson Road, Meadows

 COST:        Adults and 12 years and over – $7.00 Children under 12 years – free

 INFORMATION:       Jodee Dellow

                                      Event Coordinator

                                      0435 036 945


*What is the Udder Tug?

The Udder Tug is South Australia’s only hand milking competition. The rules of engagement are:

  1. 1.       An auction is conducted for the right to purchase a cow to be milked. The auction continues until all cows have been purchased.
  2. 2.       Each milker is allowed 4 (4) minutes to milk their cow.
  3. 3.       Only one milker is permitted to milk the cow.
  4. 4.       Only two handlers (one at front and one at rear) are permitted.
  5. 5.       No lubricants for udder preconditioning are permitted.
  6. 6.       No seats or stools permitted.
  7. 7.       The milking bucket must be held in the air until the order to start has been given.
  8. 8.       Only the designated milker is permitted to touch the udder.
  9. 9.       Any introduced foreign material which extends the quantity of the milk will result in disqualification.
  10. 10.    The judges’ decision is final.


Previous info:

Monday 19 October 2009 – watch this report about the 2009 Meadows Country Fair from Indaily (the daily electronic news from the Independent Weekly team).